Hue Server
"Welcome to Hue Server"
Let's get started.
The app:
"This is Hue Server. You'll find it in your menu bar.

Activate the app and start typing "All on" and press enter.
Repeat this step but this time enter "Green".

If you use Hue Remote on iOS you'll also be able to activate light-scenes in the same way you just made your lights shine green.
Just add a new light-scene on iOS and a couple of seconds later you'll be able to activate it on your Mac.
For a full list of possible commands have a look at the Developer's Guide
"Activate Hue Server and start typing "Scripts". Press enter."
This will open the "/Library/Application Support/Hue Server" folder in the Finder.
Here you'll find all related files for Hue Server.

"The iOS folder contains the AppleScripts that will also appear in Hue Remote on iOS."
Feel free to edit them, add new ones and share your favorite ones with the community!
"For security reasons you have to copy the AppleScripts you'd like to use to the
"iOS" or "Move AppleScripts here" - alias.
Once you make changes in this folder the iOS speech recognition as well as Hue Server will
update internally to understand your new commands.

Notice: the "AI" AppleScripts won't appear on iOS since they add new internal functionalities to Hue Server & Hue Remote.
Open the AppleScript to read more about what they do and how you can use them.
"You'll find the scripts-view next to your scenes on iOS.
Just swipe horizontally 2 times to the left to bring them up."
When an AppleScript has the same name as a light scene they merge to "one action".
When you activate the light-scene you'll also automatically trigger the AppleScript named likewise.

"The idea behind this is that you can connect custom actions to a dedicated light-scene and control other
hard & software than the Philips hue system.

We recommend software like Indigo or anything that has AppleScript or OSC support.

Hue Server comes with AppleScript, Automator, OSC, Arduino & Processing support
and has an own human readable API.
"Let's push things forward, thanks to all the users."
Have fun using this software and feel free to share your contributions for the world of tomorrow.