"I can only see a rotating black circle on iOS."

Stuck with the app? Nothing works?
Did you try turning it off and on again?

Open the iOS Settings.app, scroll down to Hue Remote and activate the reset switch.
Then quit and relaunch Hue Remote.
"I deleted and reinstalled the app but it doesn't work."

Bugs can nowadays even be in the cloud and sync back to you.
Enable the reset switch in the iOS settings for Hue Remote.
"The state of my lamps displayed is not correct."

Give it some time. The Philips hue bridge can take up to two minutes to sync with all your lamps.
Most of the time it will go way faster though.
"I can add lamps but I can't delete them."

Due to limitations in the Philips API "deleting" a bulb isn't possible yet.
You have to reset your bridge, reset Hue Remote and start all over again.
"My lights turn on every evening! How can I stop this?"

Go to the Hue Remote settings and turn off the sunset feature.
"The speech-recognition doesn't work."

When you speak Hue Remote will recognize your command after a short speech break.
Sometimes it is too noisy to do this. We use open source, local speech recognition without a cloud based recognition.
What you say will stay on the device.
"Why can't I set a schedule for a light-scene?"

This feature isn't possible with the Philips API yet.
Use Hue Server to put an Automator action in the Mac OS calendar.
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